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Do you want to grow your business, build high performance teams and develop a strategy to maximise the value of your business? Are you ready to achieve extraordinary results for yourself and your business?

7 Attributes of High Performance Teams.

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Performance Benefits.

As the world of business moves faster and gets more competitive, it is difficult to keep up with both the changes in your industry and maximising the performance, engagement and contribution of your people.

Whether you’re struggling to ideas and new ways of working off the ground or trying to scale a successful business, you may reach a point when you need extra support. An experienced and objective third party can speed up the process by identifying areas for improvement and offering tools, ideas and guidance to achieve your goals.

Together we will develop long-term and short-term goals and strategies, and identify ways to enable your people and your business to succeed.

  • Take more, better and smarter actions because you set the goals you really want.

  • Achieve great results, without being consumed in the process.

  • Spend more time where you really want to.

  • Make better decisions for yourself because your focus is clear.

  • Have a lot more sustainable energy — no more chugging along.

Need a personalized solution?

While most businesses have similar challenges, every business is unique in how it deals with them. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’.

To reach your full people and business potential, you need a personalized solution to meet the exact needs of the business and the dedicated teams that will ensure it’s success.

Find out how we can help unlock your full business potential.

Our Mission

Everything we do is about improving people and business performance.

Whether it is as a team, organisation or on an individual level, we believe it is possible to achieve greater performance outcomes. We achieve this through an approach that is unique, grounded in experience and research, developed through true understanding and delivered with empathy, enthusiasm and a genuine commitment to making a positive difference.

Get Expert Advice.

With extensive experience in working with a wide range of organisations and industries, both public and private, I have an up-to-date and thorough understanding of modern workplaces and their culture and the changes being sought in terms of new values, behaviours and workplace practices. I am also acutely aware of the challenges being faced by managers and leaders in the implementation and ongoing acceptance of these new norms.

Qualifications and Expertise;

  • Innovative Programme Design
  • Excellent Facilitation Skills
  • Highly effective training and development programs
  • Deep understanding and experience in utilising a range of psychometric instruments including HBDI, DiSC, MBTI.
  • Extensive experience in implementing 360-degree feedback tools and processes i.e LSI, L/I, MLQ360.
  • Experience working within organisations and leading teams.
  • Coaching expertise with CEO’s, Executives, Managers, team leads and frontline staff.

No matter where you are in the business, we’ve got what you need.

CEOs and MDs

Richard Timms Founder

Gain the confidence that the key people in your business have the skills and resources to get the job done without too much help from the boss!

HR and OD Managers

Pamela Hickson Advisory

Have happy and productive staff that WANT to show up, are highly engaged in getting the job done, and create the kind of culture that reduces staff turnover.

General and Team Managers

Adam Neville Partner

Effectively manage your team members, and enable them to deliver high levels of performance with minimal fuss so you don’t have to micro-manage.

Meet Greg O’Brien.

Greg O’Brien

Business Transformation Specialist

A Brief Introduction

For the past 20 years, I have worked with CEOs, Senior Executives and Business Managers to optimise their time, manage their people, focus on their key priorities and goals, and deliver programs and practices that maximise the performance of their people.

You have big dreams as well as big challenges in your business/team. As an external consultant, I bring a new vision and a fresh approach to existing problems to offer a specifically tailored solution with a deep understanding of how you and your business operates.

I listen carefully to your concerns, offer support and guidance that is second-to-none, and assist with the implementation of the recommendations so you aren’t left to do things on your own. I am known for truly understanding your business, designing unique approaches to challenges, and then delivering solutions in a way that has a long-term impact.

Personal Values.

It’s important to do business with people you like. People with shared values and interests. These are some of my highest values.


We maintain the highest standards of professional and ethical behaviour and value transparency and honesty in our communications, relationships and actions.


We hold ourselves accountable for the quality and lasting results of our work.


We value the impact that effective leaders can have on their organisations, their people and their customers and we strive to enhance their effectiveness.


We value the unique and diverse talents, experiences and perspectives of everyone and treat others with sensitivity and respect.

Creativity & Change

We go beyond conventional approaches so new possibilities and innovation can flourish and ensure real and lasting positive change.


We believe in the inherent talents of people and strive to help them maximise their capabilities in everything they do.

Let’s work together to improve your business performance, reach your goals, create positive habits and solve your people problems.

Opportunities exist in every business!

These are the six most common reasons that business objectives are not met.

4 Simple steps to increase business performance.

There are 4 simple steps to get you started.

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    Once I have a basic understanding of your business and challenges, I can tailor a program to suit your needs
  • Book an initial FREE consultation
    Let’s talk.. We will look at your business goals and explore what it will take to achieve them.

  • Receive a proposal
    After our Initial Discussion, I will send a proposal for you and your stakeholders to approve.

  • Commit to take action
    We will agree a course of action to help you increase your business performance.

Happy staff

“People can be a LOT more than the boundaries that they give themselves”

– Greg O’Brien

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Organisations I have worked with.

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How did I perform?

“Simply amazing. “Gets you” and therefore gives you clear simple steps to help you achieve whatever it is you want to achieve. Can’t recommend Greg highly enough.”

Senior Manager

‘Big Four’ Bank

John Freeman

It’s not every day that you come across a program where you can honestly say that it is life changing but this program is one of those and I aim to build upon the learning which has been provided through this course. Thank you for an inspirational and again, life changing experience.

Team Leader

University Sector

Paul Buller

“I must compliment you on your professionalism and commitment as a facilitator. You offered each of us personally great focus and guidance and such strength and direction to the group overall, however I know there were times that tested your resolve, yet you mastered the individual personalities and group dynamics very quickly. Congratulations and well done. It was an excellent program.“

Senior Manager

Automotive Industry

Kate Schadler

“I have, over the years been included in many courses of varying descriptions and content, however I have not previously been involved in one that was so relevant, insightful and rewarding on many levels.”

HR Manager

Public Sector

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