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Aug 16
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Utilise the seven–step process to enhance sales

Step 1 – Preparation

  • What are some of the things we need to do to be prepared and why?

Step 2 – Greeting

  • First response
  • Building Rapport

Step 3 – Determining Needs

  • Finding out what the customer wants
  • Asking good questions
  • The 30-second Challenge
  • Generating great questions
  • Practice

Step 4 – Features and Benefits

  • Defining the difference
  • Product knowledge issues

Step 5 – Overcoming Objections

  • Identifying the common objections
  • Techniques to overcome them

Step 6 – Summarising

Step 7 – Closing the Sale

  • Some useful ways of gaining commitment
  • Use of effective questioning to identify the needs of the customers
  • Use features and benefits to introduce products to clients
  • Be able to deal effectively with the five principle customer emotional responses
  • Assess their own performance in relation to the use of the skills taught
  • Improve customer service levels by effectively managing the client
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Sensational Selling!

sensational selling

“Nothing Happens Until Someone Sells Something”

The Business of Selling is a dynamic seven-step process that has been proven to dramatically improve the sales and customer service levels in organisations that have embraced its philosophy. The Business of Selling is specifically designed to provide individuals with the practical skills needed to increase their sales.

University prepared us for our profession however it did not necessarily prepare us for people and the commercial realities that we face everyday in producing the revenue that business requires to operate and generate a healthy Return on Investment.

This two day workshop will do two things. In the first instance you will learn the key skills required for you to consult with and sell your professional services to your internal and external clients. Secondly, you will increase your awareness of the skill gap, to consciously improve your skills in those respective areas.


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Home Workshops For Teams Sensational Selling