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Aug 16
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Sensational Service

Level 1

  • Why should we be bothered with delivering sensational service?
  • From Survival to Significance and the Modern History of Work.
  • Dealing with the human component using Maslow’s Levels of Learning.
  • Who are our customers and what do they REALLY want?
  • Solutions ... Not Just Service
  • The Only Two Reasons People Do Business with Us
  • Understanding These Motives
  • The Challenge of Managing ‘Pleasure’ Perceptions
  • ‘Good God It’s You’ vs ‘Thank God It’s You’
  • How do internal relationships affect external relationships?
  • Why We Must Go Beyond Customer Satisfaction
  • The Three Principles of Excellence
  • Task vs. Relationship
  • Recognising Mental Models
  • Moments of Truth…what are they?
  • How do we Manage M.O.T?
  • Identify the Little Things that are the Big Things for Customers.
  • Building Rapport
  • People Like People that are Like Themselves
  • Reducing the Differences at an Unconscious Level
  • The Art of Pacing and Leading
  • Universals and Truisms

Level 2

  • Would Your Customers be Scared to Lose You?
  • How Our Customers Minds Work...a Whole Brain Approach
  • Effective Communication
  • The Emotional Bank Account...how to advance the Relationship through Listening
  • What is our number one psychological need?
  • How to Think on your Feet
  • Effective use of Words, Visual and Vocal Variety
  • Pitfalls on the Phone
  • What to Do when a Customer Complains
  • How to deal with the Angry Customer
  • A Four Step Process to Solutions
  • How to ask Questions ... Open ... Closed ... and Ones That Work
  • Professionally ... not Personally
  • Maintaining Resourceful States
  • The Communication Process Begins with You
  • How to Stay on Top in Any Situation
  • The Power of Self Talk and the Effect of Your Physiology on Results
  • Development of Personal and Group Strategies to Maintain the Focus on Excellent Results
  • FISH – Some key principles for success
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Enhancing the Customer Experience!

Have you ever walked out of a business and thought..” I am never going to go back to that place EVER again in my entire life!” And then you realised it was YOUR business!!!

delivering sensational service

Sensational Service will be the number one competitive battleground as we forge into the 21st Century. Daring to be different and absolutely delighting the customer is going to be vital to our service success.

We offer an exciting and innovative approach to developing sensational service skills in our participants. Our experience in working in customer service environments in both the public and private sectors has given us a unique insight into what works and what doesn’t!

Enhancing the Customer Experience is offered as a two-level program which can meet the needs of participants whether they are just beginning in a customer service role, need some updated skills and knowledge or indeed are looking or a more advanced level of approach.

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Home Workshops For Teams Delivering Sensational Service