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Aug 16
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We do this facilitation of workshops in areas such as:

  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Organisational Design and Development Processes
  • Facilitation of Conferences, retreats, planning sessions and problem-solving workshops.

Our facilitators are highly experienced having conducted numerous workshops throughout Australia and overseas in a wide range of industries and businesses.

Please contact us as to how we can assist you to effectively work on YOUR business.
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organisation_strategic business planningWorking On Your Business

“Most people spend most of their time working IN the business, rather than working ON the business!” – Michael Gerber

Is this true for you?

We can assist you and your business to effectively spend time working on your business through facilitated workshops designed to specifically meet the needs of your business.

Using an external facilitator for business planning, facilitation of topics such as business improvement allows for all participants to actively engage in the process which will generate more effective outcomes.

It also allows for the facilitator to provide a wide variety of experiences and examples which can add to the depth of the process.

We have assisted numerous businesses improve their focus and effectiveness through providing expert facilitators to assist in these areas.



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Home Workshops For Organisations Strategic Business Planning