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Aug 16
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The program incorporates a number of unique features and works on a number of levels. It is specifically aimed at enhancing and developing the skill sets of the participants – both individually and as a group. At all times the focus of every interaction is about action – participants will be impacting on their people, their organisation and, most importantly themselves!
The key components of the program include:

  • Interviews with participants and management...A breakfast launch.
  • Involvement of participant’s managers throughout the program.
  • A number of books and articles to read.
  • Workplace-based projects.
  • Action plans to be completed after each module - and reported on.
  • 3 levels of skills development – Self, teams and the organisation.
  • Developmental in nature – 10  modules over a period of time
  • The use of an excellent psychometric tool – the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument.
  • A number of highly experienced and effective facilitators.
  • A mid-program review which can evaluate progress, check on individual challenges and assist in creating effective outcomes from the program.
  • Opportunities for continued development in the future.
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organisations_management developmentFrom Good To Great!

Do not confuse motion and progress. A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress. – Alfred A. Montapert.

There is not one of us who is void from the need to genuinely improve our management and leadership capability and of course the resultant business outcomes.

You cannot talk your way into effective management. You have to behave your way into effective management. With this in mind, our proposal is heavily based on an Action Learning approach whereby participants in the program will be encouraged and challenged to take action and to change behaviour that will result in real cultural change in the business.

This Management Development program is proven in its success. It is based on our  extensive experience with a broad range of businesses throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region, on current theoretical constructs and on what we know it takes to transform the culture and the leaders and managers of a business from “Good to Great”!

Key Elements

The key outcomes of the Management Development Program include:

  • Identification and development of key Managerial skills.
  • Enhanced confidence and expertise in delivering those skills.
  • Aimed at new or existing Managers who wish to develop improved effectiveness.
  • Skills which can then  be built upon in further Leadership Development programs – see Leadership²
  • Ability to be tailored to the specific needs of the organisation.
  • Module number and length can also be adjusted depending on the organisation and it’s existing training and development processes.

We have delivered this program successfully on a number of businesses and through a variety of methods. Most involve a component of in-classroom experience, combined with coaching, as well as a workplace project to put learning into action.

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