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Aug 23
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  • Balancing Your Scorecard
  • Self Leadership
  • Learning to Create and Innovate
  • Coping More Effectively at Work
  • Me Management
  • Sensational Communications and Relationships
  • Managing Difficult Behaviour and Situations
  • Participating in Change
  • Em-POWERED for Success
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powering up your futureSTAR Performers

The Powering Up Your Future program is designed to develop and empower employees to confidently embrace Self Leadership and Me Management through a process of interactive workshop modules and real life activities. The disciplines of personal mastery, mental models, systems thinking, shared vision and team learning are integrated into all events whether the context is personal or professional development. We are conscious of appealing to the whole person in our activities, integrating a systemic approach to learning, development and performance.

The program has been designed to incorporate a number of workshops designed to address the key requirements that will form the building blocks of professional and personal development and performance excellence.
The program incorporates the use of the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI®) as a foundational tool to build self-awareness on one’s own preferred way of thinking and interacting with the world. The HBDI® identifies your preferred approach to thought: Analytical, Sequential, Emotional and or Strategic. Each participant will receive personalised feedback on their preferences and an appreciation for diversity.


Participants establish an Action Plan for each module to implement at work, home or play, to transfer the learning into their real world.

Module Reviews…

each module has review ‘open frame’ that reflects on the outcomes of the previous module’s Homeplay and the participant’s learning’s.

Program Project…

a project will be established at the commencement of the program for delivery by each participant in the Em-POWERED for Success module. This module may include inviting each participant’s Supervisor or Manager so that they can support and appreciate their staff member’s learning’s, performances and commitment to their personal and professional development during the program and into the future...celebrate successes and support ongoing challenges!



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Home Workshops For Individuals Powering Up Your Future