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Aug 16
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Make People Sit Up and Listen!individuals_presentations

Have you ever been to a boring presentation and then realised it was yours? Do the nerves of getting up in public to speak tend to take your focus away?

All of us at some stage will be required to present in public (or at least our own teams!)  From team meetings, boardroom presentations to more intimate one on ones, our capacity to confidently and professionally convey information in an interesting and useful way is critical.

The challenge for most people is not a lack of expertise in their respective profession but rather that public speaking for most is right up there at the top of the “avoid at any cost” list. This in turn can dramatically reduce the effectiveness of the communication and as such an incredible amount of time and resources are invested without any ROI.                

Any journey without a map is difficult. This workshop provides a series of “maps” that can be used to assist the presenter to prepare their presentations as quickly and as easily as possible and some “maps” that can take the stress out of the delivery as well!

The workshop is practical, interactive and will provide a fun and conducive environment for you to enhance your existing skills in this area.



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Home Workshops For Individuals Powerful Presentations