Aug 16
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  • How well do you negotiate now and how do you know?
  • People or Task Focussed approaches… is there middle ground?
  • The Four Stages of Negotiation
  • Negotiating in Teams
  • How to prepare for Win/Win in a Win/Lose world
  • The Four Critical Strategies for Win/Win in a Win/Lose World
  • Negotiation from all three positions
  • Top ten tips for ensuring successful proposals
  • What to do if you’re winning & what to do if you’re losing
  • The Negotiators Checklist
  • Don'ts in Negotiation
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negotiationHave you ever thought of all the good things to do or say in a negotiation… after the negotiation was over?

Have you ever felt like you did OK but you still felt like there was something you missed out on?

Have you ever been in a situation where it seemed like they had all the power and you felt like you had nothing to “bargain” with?

Our capacity to negotiate successfully is a skill that we develop over the course of our lives and careers. We learn to negotiate from the time we are born and develop very quickly a set of skills and tools that we use to get what we want. The real challenge is adapting and fine tuning those skills to ensure that we can generate successful win/win negotiations.

Ultimately, the outcomes of our negotiations are what we have to live with and will shape the quality of our personal and professional lives. This session is designed for individuals to visit the four stages of negotiation. It addresses the real challenge of creating win/win outcomes despite the fact that most negotiations are viewed with an “I must win… you must lose” attitude. We know however that most modern workplaces in both the public and private sector can no longer afford the short and long term damage of win/lose outcomes!



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