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Aug 23
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People and their Personalities

  • Gain a Better Understanding of Yourself, the People Around You, and Your Customers
  • Build better Internal Service
  • Improve your Interaction Skills
  • Understand and Describe different Interaction Styles
  • Reduce Stress and Conflict
  • Improve Personal Relationships
  • Understand how Personalities can affect the Service Process.


  • The Emotional Bank Account...how to advance the Relationship through Listening
  • How to Think on your Feet
  • Effective use of Words, Visual and Vocal Variety

Resourceful States

  • The Communication Process Begins with You
  • How to Stay on Top in Any Situation
  • The Power of Self-Talk and the Effect of Your Physiology on Results
  • Development of Personal and Group Strategies to Maintain the Focus on Excellent Results.
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individuals_interpersonalSuccessful Interaction

Effective communication is the foundation of any successful interaction. The measure of our personal effectiveness is then our effect on people. By understanding our own processing and communication styles, and those of our colleagues and clients, we can build rapport, enhance relationships and achieve greater client satisfaction.

As industry moves away from production and more towards service and knowledge, our ability to communicate is vital for personal and professional performance and success in business.

Key Elements

At the end of this program, all participants will…

  • Develop an understanding of their own and other people’s preferences for communicating and interacting at work, at home and at play.
  • Understand and develop their listening, verbal, vocal and non-verbal skills in order to effectively communicate with other people.
  • Understand, develop and use resourceful states of mind to confidently communicate and interact with other people.
  • Develop a personal and group strategy to achieve excellence in communication and interacts with other people.



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Home Workshops For Individuals Interpersonal Skills