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Aug 16
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  • Learning for Understanding – setting up the WHY frame
  • The Brain – it’s application to what we are doing today
  • Maslow’s Levels of Learning
  • Key #1 - Turning off the Auto-pilot
  • Key #2 - Law of Requisite Variety – Focus of Flex-ability
  • Key #3 - Law of Precession – Keep moving forward
  • Key #4 - Recognise your beliefs
  • EQ v IQ
  • Facts of Life v Problems
  • Balloon of Awareness
  • The Success Spiral
  • The Art of Dreaming
  • SMART Goals
  • Personal Mastery – Intention, Attention and Skills
  • Distractions – what’s stopping you?
  • Time Management v Me Management
  • Circle of Influence/Circle of Control
  • Pleasure and Pain Principles
  • Goal Setting and Goal Getting
  • W.I.S.S.H.
  • Top Ten Tips for Goal Setting
Goals, Balance and Self-leadership PDF  | Print |  E-mail
individuals_goalsHave you ever felt that work and life was like being on a merry-go-round?

….and that you couldn’t get off??

We recognise that in today’s very hectic environment, that life can be like this sometimes. Wouldn’t it be great to get off the merry-go-round sometimes, to take stock and to plan which horse you will ride when you get back on the merry-go-round!

This one-day workshop is designed to ensure that participants address all 3 areas of their lives (goals, balance and self leadership) to increase their personal effectiveness as well as their effectiveness at work. It has been clearly shown that someone more balanced in their lives is a greater contributor in the workplace.

Participants come away from this workshop feeling more focused and are armed with an array of tools and techniques which will allow them to gain greater control over their lives.



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Home Workshops For Individuals Goals, Balance and Self Leadership