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  • HBDI®

    hbdi_graphWhat is the HBDI®?

    The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®) is the world’s leading thinking styles assessment tool. It identifies your preferred approach to emotional, analytical, structural and strategic thinking. It also provides individuals with a significantly increased level of personal understanding.

  • LSI

    lifestyles inventoryHow does LSI work?

    The Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) is a 360-degree feedback tool which distinguishes thinking patterns or “styles”, that are either effective or ineffective. The inventory provides a quantified method for looking at strengths as well as self-defeating behaviours, with the aim of individuals improving what is good and working on changing what is better.

  • OCI®

    Organisational Culture InventoryWhat is OCI®?

    The Organisational Culture Inventory (OCI) provides a profile of an organisation's operating culture in terms of the behaviours that members believe are required to "fit in and meet expectations" within their organisation. It measures "how things are done around here".


  • L/I

    leadership impactWhat is LI?

    Leadership/Impact® is a transformational tool, developed for leaders to become aware of the impact of their own leadership strategies and how these affect the performance of their organisations.


  • MBTI

    Myers-Briggs-Personality-Type-IndicatorUnderstanding People

    The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (M.B.T.I) is one the most widely used psychological instruments in the world today. It has tremendous application in workplace settings in improving personal effectiveness and in helping individuals understand their own preferences as well as the preferences of others.

  • AVI

    What is the AVI?core values a values inventory

    The AVI is an online questionnaire based on 128 values from which a variety of reports and workbooks are produced. The AVI is "A Values Inventory" which has been specifically designed to support values-based programs conducted by professionals, be they: trainers, organisational consultants, counsellors, social workers, etc.

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Benefits to your organisation

The L/I provides the most comprehensive report for Leaders of the organisation on their impact on others. As such:

  • The text and graphics feedback report provides essential information for leaders and organisations interested in improving performance.
  • Compares the current impact leaders have on people to the ideal impact they envision
  • Reviews manager’s own perception of their leadership strategies compared to description by others
  • Reveals how current leadership styles and strategies are shaping the behaviour and performance of others throughout the organisation - and indicates how to move toward leadership strategies that positively impact organisational effectiveness, performance and productivity.

The leaders of any organisation will define the culture and performance of that organisation. Using a tool like the L/I can provide a clear path to improved individual and organisational effectiveness.

If you would like to know more about how the L/I can assist you and your organisation, please contact us
The Human Synergistics Leadership/Impact® (L/I) PDF  | Print |  E-mail

leadership impactWhat is The Human Synergistics Leadership/Impact® (L/I)?

For managers and executives to truly lead an organisation, they must transform, shape and influence:
  • the organisational context
  • employee interaction
  • how employees approach their work

The Human Synergistics Leadership/Impact® (L/I) is a transformational tool, developed for leaders to become aware of the impact of their own leadership strategies and how these affect the performance of their organisations.

Designed specifically for those in leadership roles - primarily senior managers and CEOs - The Human Synergistics Leadership/Impact® (L/I) represents the cutting edge of research into leadership effectiveness.

L/I provides those in leadership positions with unique insights into their leadership strategies and the impact of these on the behaviour and performance of those being led. It is this researched relationship between strategies and behavioural impact that makes L/I quite unique.

How does L/I work?

Incorporating self and multi-rater feedback design, L/I provides a comprehensive personalised report that explores:

  • The detail of the feedback, including comparisons of self and others' ratings.
  • The clear link between leadership strategies, motivational impact and leadership effectiveness.
  • Prescriptive guidelines for leadership development, including a review of current leadership research.

L/I provides leaders with information on:

  • Impact on Others - the extent to which the leader motivates or drives people to behave in constructive, passive/defensive or aggressive/defensive ways.
  • Leadership Strategies - the extent to which the leader personally acts in prescriptive ways (guides activities and behaviours towards goals, opportunities and task accomplishment) versus restrictive ways (constrains or prohibits activities and behaviours)
  • Effectiveness - both personal and organisational effectiveness.




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