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Aug 23
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Building Resilience @ Work program

A unique feature of this program is the use of Resiliency Map™, the world’s first validated tool to accurately measure resiliency.  
  • helps participants explore their resiliency demands, assets and current levels of functioning.
  • pinpoints strengths and vulnerabilities,
  • allows participants to discover their own unique potential and performance capabilities on 21 scales from Optimal to Caution in 6 categories: Environmental Factors, Environmental Assets, Resilient Beliefs and Values, Personal Coping Capabilities, Social Coping Capabilities and Health and Functioning.
  • charts new strategies for enhancing resilience and therefore overall performance.
  • Uses a unique 21-day Rule Model™, which ensures application and integration of the learnings back into the organisation and to the individual as well.
The Building Resilience @ Work program also
  • develops more resilient participants which will lead to a more resilient culture and organisation.
  • results in real change and gives participants a clear guide as to how to build resilience.

The program is comprehensive, unique, highly interactive and enjoyable. But most of all – it works!

The Building Resilience @ Work can be delivered for people from different parts of the organisation, for teams and/or for the entire organisation.

Why would you not want to build resilience in your organisation and its people?

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organisations_resilienceBuilding Resilience @work!

Q: What is the single most important factor in determining whether a person is successful, satisfied and happy?

A: Resilience!

Stress? Recession? Change? Pressure? Deadlines? Crisis? Relationship challenges? Feeling flat?

Do any (or all!) of these apply to you? Most people would answer “yes”!

These are the inevitable facts of life! They happen to all of us!

It’s not about whether these will happen to you or not (because they will!) – it’s about your ability to cope with and bounce back from adversity that determines how productive and effective you are – it’s how RESILIENT you are, that counts!

Psychologists, scientists and people in general, have for decades wondered how it is that some people are able to bounce back from adversity whereas others bend and some break. How can some of us turn setbacks into positives and others, faced with similar circumstances, end up even worse off and suffering even more?

Recent research has shown that resilience is something that can be learned and developed and therefore can lead to greater productivity, effectiveness, happiness and in general, greater work and life outcomes.

What is Resilience?

Resilience has been described as our ability to bounce back from adversity. According to Dr. Suzy Green, a mental health expert, “It’s when life throws a curve ball at us and we’re able to respond flexibly and adapt – with our mental health intact”.

Esther Orioli, a world-renowned authority on stress and resilience, defines resilience as,“your ability to...

  • bounce back after setbacks, disappointments or failures,

  • be adaptable and flexible

  • create vitality and re-engineer yourself in the face of change.”

And the best part of all is that it can be learned and developed!

Resilience = Happiness. It’s in our own best interests (and others’ too) to master resilience as “it’s the single most important factor in determining whether a person is successful, satisfied and happy” (Shatt, 2008, The Resilience Factor). His research showed a direct correlation between a person’s resilience and their job and relationship satisfaction.

Building resilience also reduces stress and lessens the risk of depression and mental illness. Research by the Black Dog Institute, (a mental health organisation) in 2008,  showed enhanced resilience leads to a “significant improvement in job satisfaction, productivity  and retention in the workplace.”

And it’s achievable for everyone!


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Home Resilience | building resilience @ work