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Aug 16
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Some of the specific modules that have been offered include:

  • Self Leadership
  • Advanced Influencing skills
  • Teams
  • Managing Change
  • Performance Management
  • Motivating others
  • Strategic Business Planning

Other can be developed and delivered depending on the needs of the business.
Pace Learning - Take Leadership in the workplace and square it!
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Take leadership and “square it” !

As we move into the 21st century at such a rapid pace, the leadership within an organization becomes the single most important factor in ensuring success.

The leadership ² program is designed to take your leadership to another level – take leadership and “square it” !

The program consists of a number of stages and interventions which are deigned to challenge, stimulate, provoke thought, review and reflect and above all, cause you to take ACTION to become a more effective leader. And it works!

The program is custom designed to get real traction for your business to ensure sustainable success.

Key Elements

  • Involvement of participant’s managers/leaders throughout the program.
  • A number of books and articles to read.
  • Workplace-based projects.
  • Action to be taken after each module.
  • A one-on-one coaching process to facilitate commitment to action
  • 3 levels of skills development – Self, teams and the organisation.
  • Developmental in nature
  • The use of a 360-Feedback tool which is based on Leadership styles.
  • Highly experienced and effective facilitators.
  • A flexible approach to module development and delivery.

We have delivered this program successfully on a number of businesses and through a variety of methods. Most involve a component of in-classroom experience, combined with coaching, as well as a workplace project to put learning into action.

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Home Leadership2 | take leadership & square it!